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DVP Vacuum Technology


DVP departments have been manufacturing pumps and compressors for more than thirty years.
A complete company structure makes it possible to transform market demands into products, using the most modern manufacturing and organizational technologies.

The research and development department is equipped with the latest CAD and simulation software to shorten the time to market.

The machining department handles inside more than 90% of the production cycle through fully unsupervised machine tools.

Space is important, and DVP uses automatic silo-style warehouses connected to the ERP system to manage stock-ins and stock-outs.

High stock is always available to allow rapid response to market demands.

The inspection department checks each product 100%.
A check list, prepared by the Engineering Department for each model, indicates which check points and specifications must be recorded.
Only after all checks have been completed is a green sticker applied, allowing the product to be released for packing and shipping.

The assembly department is staffed with skilled, qualified workers who carefully assemble products.
Each production batch is inspected before it is released.


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